Finding the best Free Sports Contest and Sweepstakes to Play


Published: February 12, 2009


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I Would like to welcome everyone to “Free Sports Contest”. If you are like me then you also enjoy playing in lots of free contest and sweepstakes and especially one’s that are of a sports nature. While looking around the web and finding a lot of plain contest listing sites i noticed that there were none that really targeted the sports niche. So i decided that this kind of site was needed.

I for one love a chance at winning cash and prizes in contest that allow me to play with no investment and risk what so ever. There are a whole lot of great contest and sweepstakes being offered on the web every day , week, month etc. The problem is that these contest and sweepstakes can be very hard to find and the search for them can be very time consuming. Also there are so many contest with minimal offerings to weed through it can become a hassle.

Well here at “Free Sports Contest” we have done the hard work and the hassle of searching and finding these great sports contest and sweepstakes with some of the biggest cash and prize packages. So all you have to do is check in here and enter to win , no hassle and your time can be used for playing instead of searching. So we hope everyone will take advantage and enter as many of these sports contest and sweepstakes as possible.

We would also love to hear if any of our readers make any scores and take home some of these prizes. So if you do win please share it with us via the “Contest Winners” page and share your story and we will post it here on site for everyone to enjoy ! Also if your come across any contest not listed here and you would like to share it with everyone else send it in via the “Suggest a Contest” page and we will add it to the database.

We will continue to add great contest and sweepstakes as they become available so be sure to check back in often. Remember you can’t win if you never play !


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